Cockpit Repair Kit

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further product pictures

further product pictures

This ingenious repair kit can be used for those frequentlyrequired “cosmetic repairs” inside the car. Use the relevant hard wax stick to successfully and rapidly patch up small scratches or bore holes from phone holders on TPO and plastic surfaces such as the dashboard, housings, etc.

The hard wax stick is melted with the melting tool, the wax is added to the indentation and finally surplusmaterial is removed with the help of the integrated planer. As the temperatures inside the vehicle continually fluctuate, the filler material is designed to remain stable in temperatures from approx. -20 to 110 ° Celsius.

Attain your desired colour tone by simply mixing the five colour tones together, with almost perfect results.

There’s nothing faster, cheaper or more effective!

Items delivered:
1 x high-quality plastic case with plastic insert
1 x filler
1 x melting tool with planer function
5 x “plus” hard wax sticks
2 x batteries
1 x cleaning cloth
1 x abrasive sponge
1 x protective cap with cleaning function
1 x illustrated user’s guide

Art. no.: 501080199-HE